Who We Are



Founded in Toronto, Canada, PUDU DESIGNS is a luxury brand that has quickly risen to worldwide recognition with customers from all over the globe. PUDU DESIGNS has been seen in Condé Nast Traveller and Vanity Fair UK.  We value thoughtfulness, trustworthiness, confidence, sophistication and timelessness and we strive to showcase these values in all our designs and decision making.


Our genuine leather and vegan leather handbags and accessories exude quality, simplicity and elegance.  Our team searches the world for beautiful trends that inspire new and unique creations.  PUDU DESIGNS masterpieces offer something for everyone including everyday minimalists and fashion enthusiasts.  Each piece is designed to bring out the best in every woman allowing her to highlight her confidence, power and beauty, both inside and outside.


Our Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Sydney Aquino, has always had a love of fashion and handbags. As a teenager, she learned to appreciate her handbag collection and began sharing her passion by gifting her family and friends the perfect handbag to fit their individual style and personality.  While living in London, England, in pursuit of her law degree, she developed her eye for fashion and cutting edge designs.

Sydney believes that the handbag is a powerful accessory that can boost confidence and transform a woman into the best version of herself. Sydney often says: “A handbag is a powerful accessory. When a woman looks in the mirror and sees how her handbag matches her outfit and she feels great about herself, that’s the feeling that we want to capture when a woman wears one of our products.” A confident woman is an empowered woman who can be the best that they can be, poised to make her world a better place. With every piece of fabric, fold and stitch, each PUDU DESIGNS masterpiece is crafted with her in mind.

After completing her law degree and returning home to Toronto, Canada, PUDU DESIGNS was born.  What started out as a simple passion for gifting handbags has grown into an internationally recognized luxury brand loved by women around the world. 

Through her own personal experiences and seeing firsthand how an everyday accessory has changed the lives of the people around her, one of Sydney’s goals with PUDU DESIGNS is to empower women everywhere and make a positive difference in the lives of others. 


The Pudu is the world’s smallest deer.  Also known as “Bambi’s smallest cousin”, this cute animal measures up to 83 centimetres (cm) in length, 43cm high and can weigh up to 13 kilograms.

Native to the temperate rainforests of South America, Pudus tend to be solitary animals except during mating season.  These nocturnal animals thrive on leaves, shrubs, sprouts, blossoms and bark.  Due to their small size, these herbivores often stand on their hind legs or on top of fallen trees to reach the foliage.

According to the International Union for Conservation ofNature, the Pudu has been classified as near threatened.  Their main threats include destruction of their natural habitat, being hunted for food and competition from other species.  Experts believe that there could be less than 10,000 Pudus left in the wild.  Luckily, there are numerous Pudus living in zoos around the world in attempt to conserve the Pudu population.  At PUDU DESIGNS, we are currently working on projects to help protect the wild Pudu population and help them recover from being a near threatened species.

The Pudu is one of our Founder’s favourite animals. She chose to name our company after this rare, cute, elegant and unique animal because the Pudu shares these special characteristics with every single one of our masterpieces, making it the perfect symbol for our company and for the women who inspire us everyday.


At PUDU DESIGNS, we want to be good stewards of the earth.  Part of our passion is to ensure that the people, animals and environment are at the forefront of our minds from the design stage to manufacturing and distribution to our customers.  We continually seek ways to improve our production process in the hopes of obtaining optimal sustainability. 

To achieve this goal, all of our materials are mindfully sourced and every product is ethically crafted. Our leathers are responsibly sourced and are a by-product of the meat industry while our vegan materials are environmentally friendly.   

Every PUDU DESIGNS masterpiece is a result of our efforts to create socially responsible luxury goods.